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"Phoenix Rising" by Charley Young
Official Music Video (Explicit)

Musical Influences

The Cure- Depeche Mode- Madonna- Kylie Minogue- Duran Duran- Tom Petty. I'm deeply influenced by these bands and artists of the '80s and '90s. Even though these artists are all different, each one has inspired me and has helped me develop my unique sound. I like to think that I create traditional pop/dance music with a touch of individuality.

Feedback on Phoenix Rising 

“I’ve got to hand it to Charley, who may be, if not the the hardest working young artist, certainly the most determined. She is a true original, her vocal stylings like no one else. Her music is filled with wonderfully infectious rhythms. Charley has worked with only the best people to create this beautifully produced recording."

                    - Bruce Eckstut, Renowned Voice Specialist

"Informed by the great pop divas of the past and present, Charley Young, with her new single, "Phoenix Rising", draws upon influences ranging from Gwen to Britney to Madonna, synthesizing them into a new identity which serves to define this up-and-coming singer/writer/performer. Expect great things in the future from Ms. Charley Young."

                     - Greg Vincent, RIAA Multiplatinum Studio Steel Guitarist for CAKE 

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